Monday, July 30, 2012


A lot of people I know are either pregnant or have had a baby, I have been working on a lot of different baby quilts.  Last post, I showed this quilt that I designed on my own. 

It was pretty easy and I used a different precut that I don't use very often. 

Moda scrap bags are a great way to get a variety of different fabrics at a great price.  The scrap bag that I got had mostly scraps from Bonnie and Camille's line, Vintage Modern.  I cut the strips down to 1 1/2" each.  I left them as long as possible and trimmed them all to the same size after they were the same width.  After that, I started sewing the strips together, sewing each one in the opposite direction as the strip before.  This helps make the finished product more even. 

After sewing all the strips together, I had to trim again, because I had a couple strips that ended up being shorter than the rest.  After I had squared up this section, I put the borders on the quilt.  Now it's time to applique!

I used this amazing method of applique,, for the red circles and pink circles to make the flowers.  Vanessa Christensen is a genius!  Before I ironed the red circles down, I placed the green ribbons under the red circle.  After I appliqued the red circles down with matching red thread, I sewed the green ribbon down with matching thread.  Lastly, I appliqued the pink circles down with matching thread.  And ended up with this quilt top!

I am currently in the process of quilting this baby quilt, so I will update with pictures when it's completely finished.  E-mail me at if you have any's my first pattern I designed, so leave me comments if any of the instructions don't make sense!

Look for several other baby quilt tutorials in the next few weeks!


MegRuth said...

I love it so much!!! You are amazing!

Shelley said...

So beautiful, Rianne you are so talented. But then again we already knew you were a better Martha than Martha herself! Love you!

Riann said...

You are both really sweet! I think both Shelley and Megan are amazing!!!!!